IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things
12-14 December 2016 // Reston, VA, USA

IPv6-IoT InterOp-Ware Industry Forum

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Session Objective

This session will attract experts from the IPv6 Ready Logo Committee, Consumer Electronics Association and from the new F-InterOp project to discuss and define a new set of online testing tools for the Internet of Things, including for interoperability tests, conformance tests, scalability tests, Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) tests, and Energy efficiency tests.

The IPv6 Ready Logo program plans to introduce a new IPv6 IoT program to test IoT devices depending on defined RFCs in this area.

F-Interop is directly supporting IoT standardization and intends to enable closer cooperation with the industry, through a close collaboration with standards development organizations, including ETSI, oneM2M and W3C,- and be researching and developing online certification and labelling mechanisms. F-Interop will enable an easier participation of researchers and industry in the standardization process.

This effort will try to harmonise and draw a common worldwide interOp-Wareforf IoT networking capabilities and architectural definitions to make sure “Internet of Things” are scalable, inclusive of several communication media, secure, future proof and viable for businesses and end-users.

Each panelist will be asked to research his field to outline the various IoT initiatives and industry showcases and various user requirements, challenges, security and privacy issues and obstacles that could make enrich the discussion in this worldwide IoT session.

Panel Session

Chair: Latif LADID, President, IPv6 Forum, Chair IEEE IoT subCommittee

  • The IPv6 UNH IoL Ready Logo Programs:

    º Timothy Winter, IPv6 Ready Logo Executive, IoL

  • The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Perspective

    º John Brzozowski, John, Chief Architect, IPv6 and Fellow Comcast, cochair CES WG

  • The FCC Perspective

    ºJulius Knapp, Chief, Office of Engineering & technology

  • F-Interop Perspective:

    º Sebastien Ziegler, CEO, Mandat Int’l, Technical Coordinator, Finterop

  • The IPv6 IoT Ready Logo Program

    º Yanick Pouffary, Chairperson, IPv6 Logo Programs

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