IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things
12-14 December 2016 // Reston, VA, USA

Best Practices in Industrial IoT Cybersecurity Industry Forum

Session Objetive

This session will describe Industrial Internet security best practices that can move an organization from vulnerable to secure. The presentation will examine the challenges of IT/OT convergence with real-life stories from the field, describing actual Industrial Internet security projects and lessons learned. These use cases enable benefits such as reduced costs and improved efficiency, protection of field industrial devices from local and Internet-based attack, safe and secure third-party access to local OT/ICS devices and data, and aggregation and analysis of big data to create visibility and insight to operations such as:

  • Discrete & Process Manufacturing
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Medical
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Smart Cities

The presentation will highlight:

  • IT/OT convergence cyber security apertures
  • Overview of best practices for Industrial IoT cyber security, including efforts at the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)
  • Operational policies that define how organizations manage OT assets and processes
  • Security policies that define how an organization protects physical OT assets and business processes from being compromised
  • Safety policies that define how organizations manage OT assets and processes to ensure the safety of employees, customers, the public, and the environment
  • Use cases, including data centers, building automation systems, critical infrastructure, and medical


Chair: Ram Boreda, VP Product Management, Bayshore Networks, Inc.


  • Jesus Molina, Co-chair of IIC Security WG, and Security Consultant for Fujitsu Laboratories of America
  • Bill Curtis, Executive Director of CISQ