IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things
12-14 December 2016 // Reston, VA, USA

IoT and Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) Industry Forum

Session Objectives

One of the missing pieces for the IoT is ubiquitous low cost low power wide area connectivity. Within the past 18 months new technologies have come onto the scene and dubbed LPWAN – Low Power Wide Area Networks.  There are a few different types of radio technologies being deployed today to meet the needs of this IoT connectivity.

This session will take an in depth look at the LoRa Networking technology.  LoRa is a radio and protocol specification that uses a sub-1GHz radio in the ISM band and an open networking specification to provide low power (5-10 years), wide area (1-10KM), low cost (less than $10 modules) connectivity. The panel will take a look at real world network deployments around the world and the ecosystem of available hardware and software.  The session will also include a presentation about an openly available LoRa Network deployed in and around Washington DC.

Topics of Interest

  • What are LPWANS
  • Introduction to LoRa and LoRaWAN
  • LoRa – an Open business model
  • Real world deployments
  • Trade-offs with other LPWAN tech
  • Country wide deployments (Europe, US, Korea)
  • A Live and OPEN LoRa network in WDC

Panel Moderator: Geoff Mulligan, WFIOT General Chair, Creator 6lowpan, Chairman LoRa Alliance


  • Alex Khorram – Comcast
  • Joseph Scott Kubes – Orbiwise
  • Lawrence Latham – Everynet
  • Greg Toth – IoT DevLabs